Car Brakes

Your vehicle slows down every time you press on the brake pedal. This forces the friction material on the brake pads into contact the rotating brake disc, which converts energy from the movement of the vehicle into heat. When you consider how frequently you apply the brakes and how the brake works, you will understand how brake pads wear out. Brake pads typically have a lifespan of between 25,000 and 60,000 miles. The type of journeys you do and your driving style have a big impact on this.

Sudden braking and the frequent slamming on of the brakes can quickly wear the brake pads out. Your car’s brakes can be thoroughly inspected by our professionals at Heard Elliott at our workshop in Bideford. To maintain the efficiency of your brakes and keep you and other drivers safe on the road, we will always provide you with a clear and fully-costed estimate of any work we propose.

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